Please Visit My New Blog ~ I Am No Longer Here


My FNSI 2 for December

I originally signed up for the sew in with a link to this blog. Since then, I started a new blog with a “more fitting” name. I have my FNSI posted on the new blog (
After I set up the new blog, I entered my name again with the new blog but did not know how to delete the first entry ~ sorry for entering twice. 😦

A More Fitting Name!

When I first set up this blog, I had been making several tooth fairy pillows. I thought that a good name for the blog would be MyToothFairyPillow, but since then, my blog posts have been about my sewing and embroidery projects and interesting finds on the internet and not at all about tooth fairy pillows. Now the blog name, MyToothFairyPillow, doesn’t seem to fit my blog posts. So…. I have decided to start a new blog with a more fitting name : Stitched By Me.

In addition to posting more frequently there, my plan is to post photos from my this blog on a separate photo page there with links to the previous blog posts they are associated with. Like I said, that is my plan. We will see what really comes about.

Here is the link to the new blog:
Please stop by for a visit.

FNSI Christmas Table Runner Finished

Just a quick update photo of the table runner after it is completely finished. Now to get it on the table!

My First Ever Friday Night Sew In

For my first ever “Friday Night Sew In”, I decided to commit to binding my Crazy Compass wall quilt. This commitment motivated me so much that I started working on it earlier in the day.

Since I finished it early enough, I decided to do another project that I have had on my to do list. I cut and pieced the top for a Christmas Table Runner. I woke early Saturday to finish it. I got it trimmed and quilted. I also cut the binding, but have not yet attached it. I do plan to get it done and on the table before the end of the day today.

I look forward to participating in the next FNSI this next Friday night!

Friday Night Sew In

I will be participating in my first Friday Night Sew In! I intend to finally get the binding on my Crazy Compass Wall Quilt.

Check back here Saturday morning to see it finally finished.

My Version of Apple Walnut Cinnamon Rolls – Not So Pretty, But Very Tastey!

As I was Blog Surfing a couple of days ago, I came across this post. The recipe is from The author of the blog photographed every step of making these and hers turned out beautiful!!! I don’t very often bake, but these were definitely an inspiration to do so before the week end was over. Mine don’t look nearly as pretty as the inspiration photo, but they taste great! I made some in the cupcake pan (without the recommended liners) and some on a cookie sheet. If I were to make these again, I would do them in the cupcake pan again, I like how they puff up more.

This is what the blog photo looked like:This is what mine looked like.

Before and after adding the icing.

When you have a morning free to bake, you should give these a try!